Haus Talk bares IPO plans

MANILA, Philippines — Haus Talk Inc., a residential real estate developer, plans to go public this year to raise funds for expansion.

The company, owned by the Madlambayan family, wants to continue building affordable but quality dream homes for the Filipino family.

No timetable has yet been set for the planned listing on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Haus Talk builds and sells thousands of housing units, majority of which are located in Rizal, Metro Manila, Laguna and Cavite.

The company wants to build homes in other segments such as socialized, economic, and mid-market housing, targeted for completion within the next two to five years, said Maria Rachel Madlambayan, Haus Talk Inc. president.

“We are keen on bringing within reach these affordable yet well-built homes given the strong demand in our country. We believe in quality homes that foster family bonding, memories and experiences,” she said.

Short term plans focus on three key strategic areas – focusing on pipeline projects, growing the economic housing brand and property management and construction.

“Operating in an industry that addresses the people’s basic need for housing, we are confident that there will always be a market for what we continue to build: decent, comfortable, functional and beautiful homes where they can grow, raise a family, feel safe, secure and build a future they deserve,” Madlambayan said.

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